Welcome to LakeCores

LakeCores is a meta-database designed to provide a global inventory of lakes from which sediment cores have been taken.

It provides information on lake name and location, principal characteristics of the lakes (size, altitude, depth etc.) and the key characteristics of the cores (length, age-span etc.). LakeCores also links the core data to publications or reports where the primary analytical details can be found.

We invite anyone with appropriate data to contribute details of their sediment cores to LakeCores and to help build it into a globally comprehensive register, useful not only for palaeo-scientists but also for lake managers concerned with changes in the water quality and biodiversity of lake ecosystems.

If you wish to contribute data off-line or have any questions about LakeCores please contact Rick Battarbee or Victoria Bauer.

Top 20 CountriesCoresSites
United Kingdom 671 300
Finland 137 103
Sweden 127 101
China 114 96
Switzerland 100 69
United States 65 40
Estonia 64 62
Italy 58 40
Ireland 56 45
Norway 50 33
Germany 48 27
Austria 36 13
Denmark 34 23
Canada 16 13
France 16 14
Spain 16 9
Svalbard and Jan Mayen 14 9
Poland 11 9
Slovenia 10 6
Antarctica 10 7


Battarbee, R.W., Morley, D., Bennion, H., Simpson, G.L., Hughes, M., & Bauere, V. (2011) A palaeolimnological meta-database for assessing the ecological status of lakes. Journal of Paleolimnology 45(4):405–414.